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Estate Planning


We know how important it is to you that your family and loved ones be taken care of if anything were to happen to you. You also do not want your loved ones to have the burden of trying to administer your estate without a Will. Our solicitors can assist you in drafting a Will that reflects your wishes as to who will receive your assets. We can also advise you on your options to best protect your assets, including how to avoid someone contesting your Will.


Powers of Attorney & Appointments of Enduring Guardian

Our experienced team can prepare and execute Powers of Attorney & Appointments of Enduring Guardian ensuring your interests are protected when you need it most.


Appointing an Attorney gives the attorney the legal authority to look after your financial affairs on your behalf, whether you are overseas, sick or just need assistance with financial management.


Similarly, you need to consider what will happen if you are unable to make medical and lifestyle decisions due to illness or accident. An Enduring Guardian can make decisions such as where you live, what services are provided to you at home and what medical treatment you receive when you are not capable of making these decisions.


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