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Our History

LBK has a proud history as part of the Tamworth, North West and New England community. With our office in Tamworth, we are well placed to serve the needs of clients, both locally and across New South Wales.

JJ Lyons first moved to Tamworth on his admission as a solicitor in February 1934. Eric Barnett joined him in 1948 and the firm of JJ Lyons & Barnett commenced shortly after. In 1989, the firm acquired John D Kennedy & Sons which had been established in Manilla circa 1898, and our firm was formed. The firm has continued to grow, acquiring J Horan Solicitors in 2007 and Patterson Byfield and Bryen solicitors in 2016.

While the face of our firm has changed over time, we remain committed to rural issues and providing high quality legal services to regional people.

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